Activists are collecting donations for dog shelters in northern Manitoba

Activists are collecting donations for dog shelters in northern Manitoba

Cree Nation and Sagkeeng First Nation will receive doghouses.

It becomes very difficult for dogs to survive the harsh winter nights in northern Manitoba. Activists want to help and collect donations to create warm places for animals to sleep.

Janelle McLeod, who runs Partners in Paws, organizes the collection of donations within the Warming Hearts Project and in a collaboration with doghouse makers Shadow's Mission.

"Puppies, even though they may have shelter — or adult dogs that are injured, or have short fur — are not surviving the night in these cold temperatures," said Janelle.

She runs the company and helps animals for more than 10 years. At the moment, the goal of Partners in Paws is to make heaters for doghouses so that they can survive the cold nights. Northern communities are trying hard to help and protect the dogs, but there are a lot of them and they can’t do without outside help.

"There are thousands of dogs that are still homeless in northern communities all across Manitoba, and the communities are trying really hard to protect them," McLeod said. "This is just my little way to try and help a situation that, to me, just is dire and should not be happening.… I'm thinking of how many dogs are now shivering and are going to die."

Debra Vandekerkhove from Norway House Animal Rescue Warm explained that warm doghouses will not only help animals survive the cold but they will also reduce the spread of various infections.

"A lot of our volunteers up north are bringing their dogs into their houses, " Vandekerkhove said. "It could potentially affect their house, where their home is shut down. If the dog has parvovirus, we cannot have any more animals … in care that are unvaccinated in their home."

Lloyd Camire of Shadow's Mission cooperates with McLeod for the Warming Hearts Project. The man said that one doghouse costs about $50 and northern communities cannot do without help. Anyone willing to help raise funds may come to Sprockett's Doggy Day Camp at 975 Thomas Ave. in Winnipeg on Sunday.

In addition to money, people can also help with building materials. In particular, the group needs:

  • 3/8th to ½-inch plywood;
  • 2x4 or 2x3 construction wood;
  • 8x1½-inch screws;
  • 1½x8-foot ridged insulation;
  • Plastic house wrap;
  • Poly plastic;
  • Shingles;
  • Electric octagon boxes;
  • Outdoor extension cords;
  • Bx cables;
  • Nylon cables;
  • Male plugs;
  • Plastic light fixtures;
  • 40-watt light bulbs;
  • Old metal paint cans.

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