Manitobans are going to celebrate Chinese New Year

Manitobans are going to celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year will be on February 5, and all residents of Manitoba can come and celebrate this holiday together with the Chinese who live in the province.

On February 9 Manitoba residents are invited to the Manitoba Great Wall Performing Arts.

"Chinese New Year will get everybody together - join us to celebrate. That will make us feel that Manitobans really care about people who come from other places."

The president of Manitoba Great Wall, Gary Liu, is sure that Manitoba inhabitants have not seen similar celebration before, so they should come.

"So Manitobans can see 2000 years of the history of China from your eyes, from your heart,"- Liu said.

2019 is the year of the Pig, and the Chinese people think that 2019 will be very good.

"What animal a Chinese person belongs to is very important," says Fisher Wang, general manager of Ido Media. "The year of the Pig is a good thing, good year and parents are planning to have a pig baby this year."

Wang does not consider himself to be a strongly religious person, but he says that in his opinion the descriptions are very accurate. Fisher remembers that when he was small his family gathered together to celebrate the holiday. Sometimes people even went to other cities to see their relatives and to share a joyful event with them. His father had five brothers, so there were always a lot of people at the celebration.

In 2003, Wang moved to Manitoba, and since then he has paid great attention to the connection of the Manitoban inhabitants with the Chinese community.  Gary Liu says he wants to share Chinese culture with Manitobans.

"Manitoba is a really friendly province, and people are very friendly. After this year it's 17 years, we make the big show, we put a lot to share our culture through performing arts because there's no language barrier. And the good thing is that they can take all of the different cultures, different people, and share one culture to another that is very important."

Acrobats, dancers from China and many other interesting people will take part in the show.

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