Another Act of Anti-Semitism in Winnipeg

Another Act of Anti-Semitism in Winnipeg

Recently the acts of vandalism based on racial and religious hatred happening more often in Winnipeg. Most of such cases never get solved and the investigation leads nowhere.

Winnipeg police found the word "Jew" written in black paint on the window of BerMax Caffe. The same inscription was depicted on the fence in the parking lot of the institution.

The inscription was discovered on Friday, February 1st at approximately 8 am. The cafe owners immediately called the police, but law enforcement officers arrived only by the middle of the day. Police started an investigation into the anti-Semitic vandalism, detectives are working on it, no official statement from the Winnipeg Police Department as of yet.

Cafe owners stated that this is not the first case of vandalism on their building. The last attack took place two weeks ago. Then an anti-Semitic picture appeared on the cafe window, but local police ignored the incident.

A couple of years ago, in the summer, the cafe was pelted with eggs, and last year - with stones.

Unfortunately, such attacks and acts of property vandalism happening in our city and many other Canadian cities quite often. Police investigate such incidents, but many of those cases are never solved and no suspect, so criminals and haters get to get away unpunished for their crimes.