The basements of the houses on Kenaston Boulevard were flooded due to a water main break

The basements of the houses on Kenaston Boulevard were flooded due to a water main break, Iryna Chyrkova

On Sunday morning, a rupture of the pipes of the water main on Kenaston Boulevard happened, because of which the families living there faced serious problems.

The water got into the basement of the houses and caused damage to Winnipeggers' property. Alex Meron Gamili said that the water flowed through his basement window on Sunday and Monday. He believes it came from a fire hydrant near his house.

Now his basement is covered in puddles, the walls and carpets are wet. He noted that the flood infiltrated absolutely everything in the basement from drywall to clothing stored there. Also, his family was left without hot water, due to the fact that the water heater was broken.

Meron contacted 311 several times and was very unhappy with the city’s response to the accident. "They [were] pretty rude, and just give us another number and another number and another reference number," he said.

Winnipeg spokesperson confirmed information about the incident. Water main break occurred in the 300 block of Kenaston Boulevard. An official statement says that maintenance crews have eliminated water leaks by 7 a.m. on Sunday. All flood victims are advised to call 311 and report property damage.

However, it is not known whether it will help to get any compensation, because according to the Winnipeg website, the city is responsible for the water main break only if it was the result of its negligence.

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Kenaston Boulevard water main compensation
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