Valentine's Day marks 2 years since bus driver was killed

Valentine's Day marks 2 years since bus driver was killed

Two years ago, Irvine Fraser was killed. Last week, a jury convicted the murderer.

This year, a Winnipeg Transit passenger, Kevin Sadowy, calls people to remember the driver and to bring valentines to their bus drivers in his honour.

Sadowy also wants to make Valentine's Day Transit Driver Appreciation Day in the city.

"We're looking for people to recognize drivers and do something kind for them. Whether it be giving them a valentine, giving them chocolates, or a gift card for a coffee shop," Sadowy said. "I want this to be a thing that Winnipeg does."

The man said that he will personally participate in the event and will give sweets to drivers.

"The idea is to recognize transit operators as being more than part of the machine, to recognize them as being human."

City authorities are concerned about the health of public transport drivers. It was recently decided to install a protective glass in buses.  

Sadowy added:

"They don't know who they're letting on the bus all the time. They hope to go home at the end of the day, and a lot of people don't think about that being one of the risks of that job."

The head of the bus drivers' union supports Sadowy’s idea. From its side, the union will do everything possible to spread information among as many people as possible. 

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