Duraco Windows and Doors hasn’t opened since Christmas

Duraco Windows and Doors hasn’t opened since Christmas

Winnipeg residents complain that Duraco Windows and Doors does not work since Christmas. Moreover, their calls remain unanswered.

Nikki Thiessen made an order for 4 windows and a door at the end of the year. The order was paid. Now there is no connection with the company.

"It's been torture, and I can only imagine what other people are going through as well. You know they've taken all of our money now for the job, but the job isn't done," said Nikki Thiessen.

The official website of the company does not contain any information regarding the closure of the store.

Another Winnipeg resident, Mike Nadwidny, explained that he made an order for 13 windows in the autumn. The installation was supposed to be in February. However, the company representative called and asked to move the installation to mid-December. When the workers arrived, they installed only 7 out of 13 windows. The workers were to return after Christmas. That did not happen.

On January 7, Nikki Thiessen received a letter stating that the company had taken a long winter vacation. The store was supposed to open on February 4th.

"I can't wait forever. We're selling our house, and I can only imagine what somebody thinks of when they walk inside the house, and they see brand new windows, but they're all fogged up, or there's ice or water on them," Thiessen said.

Nikki was planning to sell her house in early March, and she sincerely hopes that the store will open by that time and will do all the work promised.

Mike Nadwidny said that he hadn’t received any letters from the company and is going to fill a report with the Winnipeg Police Service.  

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