Churchill –Winnipeg train collides with a truck

Churchill –Winnipeg train collides with a truck

With the return of the train to the city, the residents of Churchill couldn't stop rejoicing at the fact that life has come back to their native region and now they can go shopping in the south, or simply visit their friends and relatives.

The train, traveling between Churchill and Winnipeg, suffered minor damage after hitting the truck, which was equipped with a boom, according to Via Rail.

The crash occurred at Charleswood Road and Wilkes Avenue. Several passengers escaped injury after a Via Rail train collided with a truck in Charleswood on Tuesday, February 5th.

Via Rail says the train resumed its route shortly after and arrived in Winnipeg at 4:20 p.m. All five passengers, plus the crew on board, were not hurt.

The investigation still continues, the reasons that led to a collision are still unknown, the official statement will be presented after the investigation is closed, said a Via Rail spokesperson.

At the beginning of December of 2018, the first train arrived at Churchill and brought travelers. After the railroad was damaged by a flood, the city residents lost the opportunity to leave the city: the only option was to buy plane tickets, but it was too expensive for most residents.

After a long and very expensive reconstruction process, the railway connection and transportation was resumed. The Federal government dedicated all needed recourses needed for the reconstruction and the workforce was delivered for dozens of nearby cities, including Winnipeg.