Winnipeg rejects appeal of Carl Kucas

Winnipeg rejects appeal of Carl Kucas

The city obliged Carl Kucas to remove hazardous electrical conditions and stop using a camper trailer as a shelter on St. Mary's Road.

In mid-January, the farmer decided to appeal that decision. However, the city rejected his appeal. Inspectorate found that Karl violates two city statutes. The inspection revealed that the farmer uses his camper trailer as a dwelling. This violates Neighbourhood Liveability bylaw No. 1/2008 – 3.

According to the law, living or storing things is only possible for three days on the campsite. Also, it was found that the use of extension cords does not meet accepted safety standards.

However, Carl Kucas stated that the inspection damaged extension cords and his is not guilty.

"That property is not rented to nobody, nobody comes in the property either," said Kucas. "Who is going to be harmed in here? Nobody."

This is not the first case when the farmer attracts the attention of the city authorities. In 2010, the city ordered him to remove abandoned cars, equipment and other garbage. He appealed and was rejected.

In the summer of 2018, the veterinary inspection became interested in him, as complaints from people living nearby began to arrive that his livestock was ill. However, veterinarians found out that all the animals were healthy.

When being asked why he lives in a trailer, the farmer replied that he lives in the house, but spends some time in the trailer after tending to his livestock. That’s why he brought electrical equipment and several extension cords there.

Kucas’ house was declared uninhabitable in the fall and it must be demolished. The farmer agrees to demolish the house and plans to build a new one, but he says he has been under tremendous stress lately.

"They want to make my life more difficult and more miserable," he said. "They want me bloody dead, and I know that for a fact. They tried to destroy me several times, and they couldn't." 

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