Pallister under fire for social media posts of Winnipeg snow pictures

Pallister under fire for social media posts of Winnipeg snow pictures

Between 10-15 cm of snow blanketed Winnipeg Monday morning. Winds are also causing low visibility on the roads. Strong wind gusts near 50 km/h created snow drifts throughout the city, according to Shannon Moodie of Environment Canada.

Brian Pallister criticized after posting Winnipeg snow pictures on social media – while vacationing in Costa Rica.

Last week, a few pictures were put up on Instagram and Twitter. One shot had a caption asking people if they liked the snow and another warned of more snow and strong winds in the forecast. The premier’s office confirms that Pallister was in Costa Rica and staff members posted the pictures.

In 2012, Prime Minister Brian Pallister, then the leader of the opposition, bought a $ 2 million mansion at Wellington Crescent, located on a 1.7-acre bank of the river, with annual property taxes of $ 38,000. At the time, it was the second largest residential property transaction in the history of Winnipeg.

Also, Pallister owns a vacation house in Costa Rica, that is where he was when the posts were posted by staff members. Pallister has been criticized in the past over his villa in Costa Rica. Last year, he admitted he owed back taxes and penalties on the property.

Mayor Brian Bowman accused the province of shorting the city by almost $75 million in infrastructure funding. Bowman said the shortage could lead to substantial tax hikes. Bowman conflicted Pallister on city`s budget and is expecting an official statement from Pallister when he is back in Canada.

For Winnipeggers, the cold isn’t going away any time soon. Forecasts are calling for temperatures in the -20 to -30 C ranges for at least a week, and long-range models from Environment and Climate Change Canada indicates temperatures are likely to stay below normal until nearly the end of the month.