The best indoor activities to beat the winter (part 1)

The best indoor activities to beat the winter (part 1)

Winter always makes changes to our plans and lifestyle. Sometimes, we really want to spend the day actively, but the weather does not allow.

Now, it is not necessary to wait for the spring to leave the house and to have fun. We will tell you what city residents can do in Winnipeg even when it is very cold outside.

1. Beach Volleyball Centre

If you think that beach volleyball is possible only by the sea or the ocean, you're wrong. In Beach Volleyball Centre you can plunge into the atmosphere of summer fun and forget that it is winter outside for a while. Furthermore, this all is possible without buying a ticket to warmer countries.

You should not worry if you are not playing very well. The instructors will show you everything. You can also come with all your family: children will be able to play children's volleyball or build sand castles. One hour of playing costs $15.

2. Crtl V Winnipeg

Do you want to get away from reality? Then this place is for you! Crtl V Winnipeg will be interesting for both children and adults. The location of the cubicles allows parents to see what their child is playing and not worry about him.

"We have had individuals in wheelchairs, older and younger. We can pick the type of experience which is going to be the best for them where there's not a lot of movement," the owner of Crtl V Winnipeg said.

There are about 50 games on the menu. Games are designed for one or more players. So, if you wish, you can team up with friends and have fun. One hour of playing costs $25.99.

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