An otter was saved by the Winnipeg Humane Society

An otter was saved by the Winnipeg Humane Society

An otter was saved by the Winnipeg Humane Society from a garbage can in the centre of Winnipeg.

On Friday afternoon, the service received a call saying that the otter lives under a garbage can. Nihal Bhullar, a student from Winnipeg, saw an otter during her lunch break.

The girl noticed a small crowd of people who were near a garbage can. When the crowd dispersed, she noticed a frightened animal. Bhullar decided to ask for help because she understood that the animal is far from home and it can die not to take it away from here.

One of the residents of the neighbouring house joined the girl. Their task was to try to calm the animal down and not let it run away until the service arrived. Bhullar and Dawn spent hours with the otter and named him Otty.

When the rescuers arrived, Otty was very worried and tried to escape.

Finally, he was caught. Heather Neil, the representative of the service, explained that Otty was fine. He was kept in the dim light and people did not come too close to him.

Neil could not explain how the otter appeared in the center of the city because their usual habitat is a river or a lake in the wild. The woman also added that this was the first such case she encountered during her work in the Winnipeg Humane Society.

After that Otty was taken to a Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre. He feels safe there and gets food there. At the moment it is unclear when the otter can get to wild nature again. 

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