Fast-food on fire in Winnipeg

Fast-food on fire in Winnipeg

A fire is always a scary and dangerous thing, people might get hurt or killed, especially children and elderly citizens since they are not able to react fast and evacuate the building by themselves. Especially, if the fire happens at the restaurant full of people of different ages from small children to older citizens.

The Winnipeg firefighters had to deal with thick smoke, intense heat and other dangerous conditions when they fought the flame, which eventually destroyed the fast-food restaurant.

The flames had already penetrated the roof of the A & W on Main St., when the crews arrived at the scene shortly after 5 pm on Sunday, February 10th.

Employees say that smoke and heat prevented firefighters from getting inside to quickly deal with an emergency. All staff and customers safely left the building, and there are no reports of injuries.

The surroundings were blocked to prevent people from getting close to the building for safety measures. Witness Tony Sawicz said that many people completely ignored the fire and continued to eat at the drive-thru of the restaurant.

Winnipeg Fire Department started the investigation to determine the reason of the fire and what led to such outcome, the official statement will be presented after the investigation is closed, and there is no estimate yet for the damage done to the building.

Thankfully, no one was injured, even though the building was almost completely destroyed by fire.