Winnipeg woman missing

Winnipeg woman missing

Unfortunately, almost every day a police report filed about a missing person in Winnipeg and throughout Canada. Most of them found fast and returned home safely, but for in some cases, the search continues for months. A missing person is always a tragedy for the family and friends. People have no rest, can’t sleep peacefully, when a family member is not at home and safe. But the police and family members work hard every day to locate the missing person and provide help if needed.

Winnipeg Police, family members, and friends are searching for a missing Winnipegger. A 30-year-old Clarissa Audy last spoke to the family member in December 2018 and was last seen in the city in early January.

Police said she’s known as a frequent visitor of the downtown area and Portage Place mall. Audy is described as 5’5″, 122 lbs, and is believed to have long red hair.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Missing Persons Unit at 204-986-6250 or contact your local police department. If you or someone you know had seen Audy or talked to her in person or over the phone since January, the family and police are asking for your help, any information might help with a search and lead officers to find missing Winnipegger.

Fellow Winnipeggers, lets help with what we can to locate a missing person, she may be your friend, neighbor or a nobody to you, but he is one of us, citizens of Winnipeg. Please contact your local police department with any useful information to help locate a missing woman.

Also, you can leave a tip online absolutely confidential, please follow a link below: