Mennonite Central Committee is going to cut several programs

Mennonite Central Committee is going to cut several programs

The organization, headquartered in Winnipeg, explained that at the moment thrift sales are as low as never.

"This is somewhat of a wake-up call for us to make sure that we are on our toes," executive director Rick Cober Bauman said. "Certainly there is a lot of competition in the second-hand industry."

Cutting of programs will affect also staff positions. At least three coordinator positions will be closed in Winnipeg.

Aileen Friesen, an assistant professor from the University of Winnipeg, is a teacher of Mennonite history. The woman explained that a new generation may lose those privileges that existed before. Many people are very grateful to MCC. The organization has played a really significant role in the international market.

"A lot of people associate the thrift stores with MCC, and even if they don't understand MCC's broader agenda and work within the international community, they see that they go to the thrift store, they shop there, they associate that process with Mennonites and Mennonite culture," she said.

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