Winnipeggers shared their Valentine’s Day stories

Winnipeggers shared their Valentine’s Day stories

On February 14, the atmosphere of love reigned in Winnipeg.

Many residents of the city left the house to celebrate this day with their soulmate. Some Winnipeggers decided to tell their stories in honour of this wonderful holiday.

Here are some of them:

Evan Rogers met his girlfriend two years ago, that’s why he loves this holiday so much.

“She made me this heart-shaped thing filled with chocolates and special stuff filled with memories,” he said.

Diana Brown said her Valentine’s Day was filled with both good and bad events in the past.

“A good one would be when my boys made me breakfast in the morning when it was on the weekend, that was super special because I hadn’t had that before so it was so nice having breakfast in bed and not having to wake up in the morning,” she said. “In terms of the worst, it was my ex’s birthday so those were bad days. Actually, Valentine’s Day was nixed because he loved his birthday so much, so it was never celebrated.”

Kori Taylor said she does not like this holiday from her youth.

“I got dumped on Valentine’s Day when I was 16,” Kori Taylor said. “It was a week after my birthday too, so that sucked.”

Janelle Janzen also does not also like to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“For a bad Valentine’s Day memory, I think my high school boyfriend broke up with me a few days before Valentine’s Day so that was bad.”

Chloe Castillo did not decide on her attitude to this day.

“I don’t know if it’s good, but like, last year, my ex asked me out on Valentine’s Day. I guess you can say it’s a good and bad memory.”

Manitoba RCMP also plunged into the atmosphere of love and posted a tweet with a small poem:

“Police lights are red, police lights are blue, if you drink and drive, your date should find a new boo”

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