Pollock’s Hardware Co-op members decided not to close the store

Pollock’s Hardware Co-op members decided not to close the store, Iryna Chyrkova

Pollock’s Hardware Co-op members gathered to vote on the closure of the store on Saturday.

A few weeks ago there was information about Pollock’s Hardware closing. More than 100 members gave their vote against the store closing.

After that, another voting took place.  Replacing the board of directors was discussed there.

“This is the first time that membership has had to deal with something this serious, so people are concerned,” said Walchuk, the former general manager of Pollock’s Hardware and new board member.

Walchuk said that now all Co-op members need to support the store as much as they can, after all, it has stopped bringing a profit since 2013. He also added that in fact the position of the store is not as critical as it might seem.

Pollock’s Hardware started a GoFundMe. It hopes to raise $30000-35000 to cover the debts and to have a small amount of money for the spring.

Saturday was the second time the store was saved from closing. The first time he looked in 2008 when it was decided to turn it into a co-op.

“We know that things change, the store is going to need to adapt, but I still think it adds a lot of value to the community,” said long-time member Brad Nance. “There’re more values and quality at Pollock’s that you don’t get when you are going to a bigger box store.”

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Pollock’s Hardware voting closure of the store
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