Zero Waste Canada and Winnipeg experts say how to get home closer to zero waste

Zero Waste Canada and Winnipeg experts say how to get home closer to zero waste

Zero waste is very popular not only among those who are environmentally minded but also for people who want to stick with this type of life, but do not know how.

"The easiest way to start is to become more aware of the waste that you generate," said the representative of Zero Waste Canada.

According to the man, the greatest harm comes from the packaging of the products that people buy. As a rule, it is stored at home and cannot be recycled, as it is made of plastic. Old clothes and damaged household appliances also occupy a huge part of the human home.

So, Zero Waste Canada and Winnipeg experts share several simple ways how to get home closer to zero waste:

1. Try to use packaging that you can re-apply in the future. For example, glass containers, bottles and so on.

2. Make a list of products in advance so as not to buy unnecessary goods in the store.

3. Clean the refrigerator regularly. This will help you understand what purchases you can refuse.

4. Do not forget that you can always put leftovers in the freezer and eat them later.

5. Learn how to buy things for yourself and for home less often, but choose better quality options.

6. Remember about charity. If you have a lot of unnecessary things, there are many organizations in Winnipeg that are ready to accept them.

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