Winnipeg’s French quarter housing for francophone immigrants

Winnipeg’s French quarter housing for francophone immigrants

Canada is always open to welcome new immigrants, people who come from other countries looking for a new home and new safe life for their families. For the last couple of years, Canada has taken a leading position in the field of refugee resettlement, according to new data collected by a researcher from the University of Calgary, which raises questions about the country's role in overcoming the growing international refugee crisis.

Newcomers or “fresh” immigrants, as they called in Canada now have a new place they can call home as they just settle down in Winnipeg. Historic home with several suites has just opened in the neighbourhood of St. Boniface. The home is owned by the non-profit organization Abri Marguerite that offers housing options to people in need.

The new long-term residence is divided into four one-bedroom suites and one two-bedroom suite. Manitoba’s francophone community has been working hard to attract more immigrants from French-speaking countries. The plan is to grow the community in numbers, so the resources, labor, and housing are dedicated to the project by local volunteers and the non-profit organization Abri Marguerite.

Any help and donations are welcomed to support the community and help new citizens to get settled, meet local people and to ease the transition to Canada. Please contact the community representatives if you wish to help or donate anything, or follow the link below:

With a great number of refugees coming into our country, the Federal Government wants to attract the brightest and hardworking young people to move to Canada and become permanent residents. We are always happy to welcome new neighbours in our community and our lives!