New players added by Blue Bombers

New players added by Blue Bombers

Everyone loves football, game night with friends and family always bring us together for a good time, and lucky ones visit the game and have a chance to support their team in person. Our own Winnipeg Blue Bombers is a great team with a bright future and the fans show their support each and every game! It is great news for all of us, the star linebacker will stay with our team for future seasons and we can expect nothing but great games and great show!

New players are always welcomed on the team. Bombers management is constantly in search of new talents to show great performance and result for the team. Blue Bombers recently added new names to the team list, all three are experienced players and will be a great addition for the team.

Defensive end McCallister used to play for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles in 2016, before that, three successful seasons for the Florida Gators.

Tim Wilson, a receiver, was an undrafted free agent in 2018. Defensive back Este signed with the Tennessee Titans as an undrafted free agent in 2018. Before the player showed great results in two seasons for Tennessee Martin University.

And of course, our team star Adam Bighill will continue to put on a great show and a good game for the Blue Bombers. Please visit the link below to watch Adam Bighill interview:

Bighill showed that Bombers can perform at the highest level as a team of players, who listen and understand each other, win games against the strongest competitors and get on top to be the best team.

Fellow Winnipeggers, everyone who loves and supports Blue Bombers, get your tickets early for the next game or for the whole season! Let us all come together and show our support for our city team. If you are not going to visit the game, let`s plan a game night at home with friends and family! Our team needs support even off the stadium, the players know that millions of fans are watching the game and will show their best performance.