Missing woman found dead

Missing woman found dead

A police report filed almost every day about a missing person in Canada. Most of them found fast and returned home safely, but for in some cases, the search continues for months. A missing person is always a tragedy for the family and friends. People have no rest, can’t sleep peacefully, when a family member is not at home and safe. But the police and family members work hard every day to locate the missing person and provide help if needed.

On Tuesday, February 19th the body of an 18-year-old was found outside a Ross Avenue home. The woman had been reported missing on Monday and was believed to have been last seen Sunday evening.

Officers were investigating her disappearance and were continuing to search for her when her body was discovered, said police. The circumstances behind her death are still under investigation, as police await post-mortem results.

The official statement from the Winnipeg Police will be presented after the investigation is closed.

Another Winnipegger is still missing, Selena Symone French, 16, was last seen on William Avenue near the Health Sciences Centre around 12:30 p.m. January 22nd. Since that day she wasn’t home, Selena doesn’t answer the phone and didn’t contact any friends or family members.

French is described as 5’7″, 130 lbs, with brown eyes and brown hair. Selena was wearing black jeans, a black and grey hoodie, black shoes and a beige and brown jacket, she was last seen in Winnipeg.

Police officers continue the search every day, but any recent information can be useful and hopefully will help locate a missing person. Family members also help and hoping Selena will call them or contact somehow to let them know her whereabouts.

Fellow Winnipeggers, lets help with what we can to locate a missing person, she may be your friend, neighbor or a nobody to you, but he is one of us, citizens of Manitoba. Please contact your local police department with any useful information to help locate a missing teenage girl.