Cannabis clinic opens in Winnipeg

Cannabis clinic opens in Winnipeg

From October of 2018 marijuana is legal to grow, sell and to buy throughout Canada. Doesn’t matter if you are using it or not, cannabis is coming, it is already here and as of today, it is sold in your local stores and online. People are still debating if it is good for Canada, what effect will it have on the youth and if it was the right decision to legalize it, we have to face the fact – cannabis is legal.

Businesses across the country, from growers and retailers to the tech and tourism sectors, are preparing to reap a windfall from legal marijuana. Many new job positions are expected to open, in information area, business, medical and tourism, that last expected to expand greatly and bring more tourists to visit Canada.

Manitoba’s first physician-led medical marijuana clinic, CannaWay clinic, opens Wednesday, February 20th on Kenaston Boulevard and Grant Avenue. The clinic offers specialists and general-practitioners who develop patient treatment plans for symptoms or ailments.

The clinic doesn’t require a referral, as patients can email the clinic to book an appointment or by phoning the centre. Taylor Buckley of CannaWay says ordering medical cannabis directly from the clinic gives patients access to certain brands and products that may not be available in recreational stores.

So if you are an adult and would like to just order legal marijuana online, there will be no problem with its delivery to your door. The package will be sealed, no labels or other indications of what is inside, to ensure its secure and safe delivery to its recipient. So now you can just get in front of your computer, explore the variety of legal pot distributors and online stores and simply order marijuana in legal quantity and get it delivered straight to your door. Fellow Winnipeggers, let’s all be smart and responsible and enjoy it if you decide to participate, follow the new law and regulations and do not share cannabis with minors.