Police cruiser rear-ended by passing semi

Police cruiser rear-ended by passing semi

In 2018 the number of road crashes had increased compared to 2017 throughout Canada. Manitoba alone seeing a 25% increase in road fatalities. Most of those accidents happening due to drivers being distracted and over 78% of them were texting, just imagine that number.

Yesterday, February 21st RCMP said an officer had stopped to check on a semi that had been in a collision when a second semi struck his car from behind.

The officer was in the cruiser with emergency lights on at the time of the incident but, luckily, he wasn’t injured.

A 22-year-old driver from Kleefeld, told police he didn’t see the cruiser’s flashing lights. Manitoba law requires drivers to move over and slow down when passing vehicles parked with emergency lights on.

Just a couple of days ago a big crash resulted in the temporary closure of the eastbound Perimeter between McPhillips Street and Main Street.

On Tuesday, February 19th a crash happened involving a semi-trailer, the truck spilled some diesel fuel on the road. Police was directing traffic to a detour, while the truck was towed and the fuel is still being cleaned up.

Most of the road crashes and accidents happen because of distracted drivers, people behind the wheel do not pay attention to what is in front of them, but instead are talking on the phone, texting or playing with car stereo system. Such behavior while driving leads to minor or even fatal crashes, that can ruin not just your vehicle but also your life forever.

So fellow Winnipeggers please be careful behind the wheel, don’t text and drive, follow the speed limits, the limits there for a good reason, keep our roads safe and easy to drive. Let’s all be responsible drivers and care for each other, so at the end of the day, we can all come back home to our loved ones.