Teenager gets $1,200 speeding ticket

Teenager gets $1,200 speeding ticket

Speeding is a major factor in road accidents, as well as distracted driving. Both of these factors can lead to serious crashes with vehicles damaged and people getting injured or even killed. Over 78% of all distracted drivers are distracted because they have been texting while driving.

RCMP pulled this driver over for going almost double the speed limit. A 17-year-old male driver was caught on Highway 34 going 190 km/h in a 100 km/h zone.

He told police he was stressed out about school and needed to get home quickly. Now the teenager has a traffic ticket to stress about, a fine amount is$1,228 and in addition to that a license review with Manitoba Public Insurance.

To remind you, starting November 1st, 2018 Manitoba’s new distracted driving laws came into effect. The speeding and distracted driving fees are increased to enforce the rules and regulations for irresponsible drivers.

 “Distracted driving remains a very serious road safety issue for Manitobans,” said MPI’s Satvir Jatana. So the message from police and simple and clear: “Do not text and drive and follow the speed limit!”

Unfortunately, a lot of speeders are teenagers, who are not just irresponsible to their own vehicles and lives, but to other people’s health and lives as well. Some drivers just really don’t care about the rules and driving regulations, they do not care for their own safety and their passengers, friends and family members.

Speeding is not only dangerous but also is against a law and can cost you a hefty fine and license revocation for a period up to two years without a right for renewal. Please be attentive to the rules and speed limit, school and construction zones, where speeding fines are almost doubled.