The Pantages Playhouse Theatre is going to be sold

The Pantages Playhouse Theatre is going to be sold

City authorities support the idea of selling the Pantages Playhouse Theatre.

The new owners will continue to use the building for performing-arts and will develop the territory around it. The building will be sold for $530,000. The final decision on making Alex Boersma and Lars Nicholson the new owners of the theatre will be made next week.

"The proponent has negotiated a potential partnership with a facility manager to continue to operate the subject city property as a theatre, will offer affordable office space to performing arts groups, and intends to explore the potential for additional development on the site," says Roberts, city real-estate negotiator.

A plaza at the corner of Main Street and Market Avenue will be reconstructed but there will always be a place for Bloody Saturday, a piece of public art. It commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike.

"The city will be granted an easement over the northerly corner of the subject city property for installation and maintenance of the artwork," the report says.

The representatives of the arts community are looking forward to seeing new owners and changes in the theatre. Nicole Owens, the executive director of Dance Manitoba, repeatedly expressed her sad feelings about the fact that the theatre began to crumble.

Dance Manitoba shows their performance in the Pantages Playhouse Theatre every spring, that’s why this place is so important for the not-for-profit dance group. It is the only place that has adequate space both in the auditorium and backstage.

"The Pantages Playhouse Theatre is the only venue within the city of Winnipeg that would meet our needs logistically," she said. "There are many local dance studios who have their dance recitals there, and there are also lots of other not-for-profit performing arts groups that utilize that space."

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