Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre needs more warm clothing

Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre needs more warm clothing, Iryna Chyrkova

Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre does not have enough warm clothing.

Severe weather continues in the province, and in Winnipeg in particular. Therefore, there is a high shortage of warm clothing in the city.

Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre had a big stock of winter clothes for people in need. However, now it is almost over. The hospital is asking for help from the residents of the city.

"Right now we're at an all-time high for demand and we're at an all-time low for our donations," said Evelyn Casey, manager of volunteer services at HSC. "We're constantly putting out pleas. We'll get a flux of donations but before we know it, it's gone again."

As the woman explained, many hospital patients do not have winter clothes when they get there. Therefore, hospital workers are trying to provide them with at least some warm clothes at the time of their leaving.

In addition, the clothes of some ambulance patients deteriorate when they are given first aid, or when they get into an accident. Accordingly, they cannot wear them and leave the hospital.

Now the hospital is going through hard times and is not able to help all people in need. At the moment, Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre especially needs winter boots, jackets, mittens. So, its doors are always open for those who want to help. 

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Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre warm clothing people in need
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