Winnipeg waste division urges to stop putting used diapers into blue bins

Winnipeg waste division urges to stop putting used diapers into blue bins

Mark Kinsley, a waste division supervisor for the City of Winnipeg, announced the deplorable situation with used diapers in blue bins.

Despite the clear list of what can not be put into the blue bun, one banned thing continues to appear there with an enviable frequency in Winnipeg. This is used diapers.

"When it was really bad, we were finding anywhere between two and four thousand per week," said Mark Kinsley.

According to him, now the situation has improved a little bit and the number of discarded used diapers comes to 15 hundred per week. He noted that this is also too much. Discarded used diapers come from all parts of the city, not from a certain area that would be allocated. Kinsley says that they can be found both in single family curbside blue bins and multi-family bins. What worries him most is the possible impact on the employees of the processing facility.

"When it comes to diapers, the workers have to handle them manually. Physically," said Kinsley. "So it's a very unhygienic, unhealthy situation for them."

City officials are asking residents to take responsibility for what they throw in blue bins. Another possible way out of the situation is refusing diapers recycling by throwing them in the garbage. 

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