Second fire in one week on Dawson Road North

Second fire in one week on Dawson Road North

A fire in the industrial building or a business office brings a great danger and life-threatening panic to people inside and near the building.

On Tuesday, February 26th fire crews were called to contain the fire outbreak. Approximately 3:30 a.m. fire crews were called to a commercial building in the 600 block of Dawson Road North.

Crews found a fire in the shipping area, as per police statement, a portable heater overheated and started the blaze, but, thankfully, nobody was there at the time of the incident and no one got injured.

As of now, there is no information about the damages to the building and goods inside.

Just a couple of days later Fire Department crews responded to a fire at the plant on Dawson Road North. Winnipeg said firefighters headed to a fire at a factory in the 600 block of the street. They found the insulation of a silo that contained grease on fire.

The firefighters managed to contain the fire very fast, thanks to a professional worn and all involved teams cooperation. There were no reported injuries, no damage estimate given and no immediate cause for the blaze.

“This was the second fire at this property in the past week,” said a city spokesperson. “WFPS Fire Prevention will be investigating to ensure prevention strategies are in place.”

Recently there were many fire incidents in Winnipeg, including both commercial property and residential fires. It is always better to be prepared before anything happen because in a critical situation most people can’t think clearly and make bad decisions. But a trained person, someone who has a plan for the emergency like house fire and other, will most likely to remain calm and just follow the protocol, simply follow the instruction step by step.

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