Visiting polar bears: an unusual hotel

Visiting polar bears: an unusual hotel

From October to December everyone will be able to observe the behavior of polar bears in their natural habitat.

If you prefer the extraordinary or even extreme travel or just want to closely interact with the harsh inhabitants of the snowy land - polar bears, then you can safely book a place in the Canadian mobile hotel The Great White Bear Tundra Lodge.

This comfortable hotel on wheels drives around the snow-covered lands of the province of Manitoba, offering exciting Arctic tours to the place of mass dwelling of white polar bears. Only a couple of months a year (from October to December) extreme travelers have a unique opportunity to spend time in close proximity to white bears, watching their behavior in their usual habitat.

The staff of the hotel includes not only high-class chefs and maids, doctors, drivers, and managers, but also biologists and professional photographers. The biologists accompany groups of tourists, telling interesting facts from the life of the predatory master of the tundra and showing the most interesting places, where people are delivered by special all-terrain buses. These unique vehicles are equipped with huge wheels, which facilitates movement on the frozen ground and makes travel safe with close proximity to animals.

The most interesting thing is those wild inhabitants are absolutely not afraid of people or huge vehicles and are even trying to get closer to travelers and large groups of people, looking through the windows inside and begging for some tasty treats.

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