Barack Obama met Winnipeg crowd

Barack Obama met Winnipeg crowd

On Monday, Barack Obama met Winnipeg citizens.

He said that he had great doubts about the future of the United States and the country's ability to withstand the crisis.

"If we had a crisis today, I'm concerned that we, at least in the United States, may not be in the habit of trying to figure things out in a common sense, practical way," Obama said on Monday night.

After his speech, Obama was answering questions for about an hour. It was the first stop of his Canadian speaking tour "A Conversation with President Barack Obama."

Barack Obama was wearing a chic navy suit without a tie. He went on stage to the big applause, he was greeted like a rock star.

"It's a great day to be in Winnipeg," Obama said triumphantly.

The slide show showed a lot of photos from the life of Obama, starting from his childhood and ending with his presidency. He also stated that he was not an American and he was born in Honolulu.

"People are all the same. Wherever you go, people have common hopes, common dreams, similar aspirations and struggles," Obama said. "Colour, ethnicity, nationality — they really are constructs. They scratch the surface, they don't mean much."

Obama made a great emphasis on the fact that he hopes for the youth very much and his goal is to meet as many young people as possible and to communicate with them during his tour.

"Younger people are trying to get away from the baggage that us older folks hoist on them, and that makes me feel optimistic," he said. "If citizens insist on better politics, if citizens insist on integrity, if citizens insist on facts and if citizens participate, that's how change happens."

Obama had the loudest applause for the evening when he said that women should take part in decision-making. When being asked about his relationship with Trudeau, Barack replied that he considered him an example of a proud progressive tradition.

His speech was held in a relaxed atmosphere, sometimes diluted with jokes and laughter.

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