$120,000 in cocaine seized in Winnipeg

$120,000 in cocaine seized in Winnipeg

Unfortunately, meth and other drugs trafficking is a rising problem in Manitoba and Canada overall. Police and Drug Enforcement Agency working hard to identify and arrest those, who involved in drug trafficking organized crime activities.

Police said they identified a primary target as well as a number of associates and homes and made the busts March 1st. Three homes – two in Bridgwater Forest and one in Garden City – were raided, resulting in the arrests of four men and one woman between the ages of 21 and 31.

As per Police statement: during the bust was seized a large amount of drugs and cash, as well as various weapons and drug packing materials.

The accused face charges of possessing property obtained by crime, possessing cocaine, possessing cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose, contravention of storage regulations, unauthorized firearm possession, and tampering with a serial number.

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Drugs of any kind are a big and constantly growing problem in Canada. Even though local police, provincial and government agencies put up a fight, work hard, dedicate a lot of manpower and recourses to fight the drug trafficking crime in our country, it is just not enough! Some big changes need to be done on a national level to change this and make our society safe for all of us, especially our children and young teenagers.

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