No charges for officer, who rammed fleeing suspect

No charges for officer, who rammed fleeing suspect

A lot of accidents on the road happened because drivers are in a hurry, distracted or simply intentionally do not follow the rules and regulations. Every year, about 421,000 people are injured in crashes that have involved a driver who was distracted in some way.

The Independent Investigation Unit (IIU) conducted the investigation of the incident occurred October 24th near Burrows Avenue and Salter Street. Police were pursuing a man wanted on an arrest warrant. The suspect was trying to run away and hide. One officer chased him on foot, while the other tried to intercept him with a marked police car.

The man collided with the car and was taken to the hospital after being arrested, where he was diagnosed with a fractured pelvis. Additionally, some other minor injuries were reported.

IIU’s investigation found that the officer was operating her cruiser car at a low speed and that the man was concentrating on escaping from the officer on foot when the collision, which has been deemed accidental, took place. There was no evidence, said IIU, that the officer in the cruiser intended to injure the man.

The officer is now cleared and coming back to work, after a temporary suspension for the time of the investigation, and the suspect still facing multiple charges.

So fellow Winnipeggers please don’t drink and drive, do not get behind the wheel using legal marijuana, it is still illegal to drive under the influence and dangerous for your own life, your passengers and others around you. Please keep our roads safe and easy to drive. Let’s all be responsible drivers and care for each other, so at the end of the day, we can all come back home to our loved ones.

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