2D stickers provide 3D fun for St. Boniface students

2D stickers provide 3D fun for St. Boniface students

One of the schools in St. Boniface is using a new system of helping kids at school - 2D stickers.

École Provencher, a school which kids from kindergarten to grade three are visiting, provides fun for children and at the same time help them study better. 2D stickers can be seen throughout the school.

“Even though they look like 2D stickers, we’re having 3D, 4D fun,” said Vladimir, a grade three student at École Provencher.

The main task of 2D stickers is to help students become more concentrated in the classroom.

“It’s beneficial for physical literacy. It helps kids self-regulate. You hear teachers nowadays talking about teaching the whole child, this is part of it,” said Roselyn Poiron, owner of Jitters Sensory Paths.

2D stickers appeared in school a few weeks ago and now teachers can see how useful they are. Children get rid of increased activity and excess energy in order to perceive information in the classroom better.

“Kids need to move around while they're learning as well, so it just gives them that extra opportunity just to be able to move around and then they reset their brains a little bit and are ready to learn when they go back to class," said Celeste Dilka, Student Services teacher at École Provencher.

Children use different paths, which allows them to remain interested in this new entertainment. 2D stickers are especially useful for children who study kinesthetics.

Some kids use stickers once a day, some 2-3 times a day. The children themselves rejoice at innovations and advise other schools to follow the example of École Provencher.

“I just want to say it was a really good idea for the teachers to put them there for the kids,” said Vladimir.

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