100,000 feral cats live in Winnipeg, cat shelter founder says

100,000 feral cats live in Winnipeg, cat shelter founder says

As the founder of one of the biggest cat shelters in Winnipeg says, about 100,000 feral cats can live in Winnipeg.

Lynne Scott from Craig Street Cats explains that Winnipeg is perfect for feral cats, they can always find a place to sleep and food. The city has a great agrarian history and it has been a center of grain transportation for many years. Therefore, there are many rodents living in the city. It is not surprising that cats choose this particular city for living.

Initially, settlers decided to bring cats to Manitoba to deal with numerous rodents that appeared after grain and other rodent-friendly crops began to be planted in this region. 

Despite such a large number of cats on the streets of the city, there is a very small chance that people will be able to see flocks of cats near their houses. The main goal of cats is to be invisible to humans and other animals.

The most popular place where cats live is an area along the banks of the river. There is a lot of natural food in the form of rodents and other small animals there, and there are many places to hide, relax and shelter from bad weather. City cats also live under various porches, sheds and in barnyards.

At the moment, about 200 cats live in the Craig Street Cats. Besides them, the shelter also cares about more than 500 cats that live on the street – the shelter workers give them food and medical services.

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