‘Mommy’ drinking culture tries to make alcohol consumption more popular among women

‘Mommy’ drinking culture tries to make alcohol consumption more popular among women

Recently, there has been a trend towards the popularization of alcohol consumption among women.

As it is known, men drink more alcohol than ladies. However, recent studies show that women are almost on the same level with men.

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba is alarming because the number of women who died from alcohol in Winnipeg and Manitoba increased by 26%. The number of men increased only by 5%.

AFM has conducted lectures on the dangers of various psychoactive substances on the body of women for more than 10 years. Now, the authors of lectures had to make changes and to add a topic about alcohol consumption and ‘Wine Moms’.

As a rule, the majority of women who drink alcohol are mothers who experience stress associated with motherhood, work or other family problems. They use alcohol as a means of relieving stress and separation from reality. Many women perceive a glass of wine as a reward after a long and difficult day.

There are a lot of online communities where women share tips and articles on parenting. Most often, these communities show a variety of pictures and memes related to alcohol. They are funny, witty, but they are harmless and can popularize drinking of alcohol among women.

In an era of emancipation, women want equal rights with men. Accordingly, many of them do not see anything bad to end their day with a glass of wine, or two, since men do it.  

Numerous studies have shown that women are more susceptible to the negative effects of alcohol than men. Women have fewer enzymes used to break down alcohol before it enters the bloodstream, which means it can stay in the body longer. Accordingly, females are much more likely to have such diseases as cirrhosis, depression and alcohol addiction.

The representatives of the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba explained that even two glasses of wine per day can reduce longevity and lead to breast cancer. This bad habit also increases the death rate of this disease.

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