Unusual amphibious excavators break river ice in Manitoba

Unusual amphibious excavators break river ice in Manitoba

In Manitoba, unusual Amphibex machines came out on the ice of the Red River. Their task is to break the ice to ensure navigation on the 25-kilometer stretch of the river, as well as to speed up the drift and reduce the consequences of the spring flood.

Four amphibious excavators clear 25 km of the river annually. Right before Spring to come to these machines work seven days a week. They use a ladle as support to fall on the ice, and then crush it with their weight of 20 tons.

It is interesting that such machines are multifunctional and can also be used as dredgers for engineering works in the waters of rivers and ports.

Everyone loves snow days and beautiful weather the winter brings. But sometimes too much snow can bring some problems like difficult driving conditions and power outages. The winter forecast for Canada shows different temperatures and not as much snow, as it was last year.

Warning Preparedness Meteorologist with Environment Canada, Natalie Hasell said after this week and the weekend of cold temperatures, we'll see a very slow, gradual increase in temperatures.

The City of Winnipeg is warming that ice on the city's retention ponds is not safe. We talked to Mark Reshaur, Assistant Chief with the Winnipeg fire and paramedics about the thin ice warning in Winnipeg.

As spring approaches it is important to recognize the longer days and sunshine is melting all the ice in around the city. Reshaur explained the thin ice warning is actually in effect year-round for retention ponds as the ice conditions are not routinely monitored. Reshaur says the city recommends people to stay off of retention ponds year round.

The Manitoba Government is predicting major flooding this spring along the Red River. A Sustainable Development Minister Ron Schuler issued the first flood forecast of the year.

Flood water is a hazard to health and extremely dangerous when moving. Flooding can occur at any time of the year and can be due to many causes from heavy rainfall and blocked drains to burst water mains, tidal ingress and burst river banks. ... Whatever the cause, flood water presents a general hazard to health.

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