Millennium Library visitors organized a meeting with library staff

Millennium Library visitors organized a meeting with library staff

On Thursday, Millennium Library visitors had a meeting with library staff to discuss new security measures.

Last month, the library management decided to make changes to the security system. Now all visitors must show their bags and be tested for metal objects and alcohol. These innovations were adopted in connection with the increase in incidents of cruelty in the library.

However, not all residents of the city liked the new security system. In this regard, on Thursday there was a meeting at which library visitors shared their opinions.

The meeting was organized by Rob McGregor, and about 50 people were present there. MacGregor said that the library used to be a hospitable place where every resident could enter without any problem. Now it's a completely different building.

According to the innovations, all visitors over 13 years old should be checked. People who have prohibited items should throw them out. Otherwise, they will not enter the building. The library management stated that the new measures are necessary because the number of incidents reached its maximum. However, the exact number of incidents remains secret.

Ed Cuddy, the manager of library services, also attended the meeting. The man explained that since 2013, the number of incidents involving violent behaviour has increased by more than 70%. Many visitors were drunk and had weapons. That led to anxiety on the part of other people in the library and sometimes they even had to call 911.

At the meeting, many city residents expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the library had not held any discussions before moving on to new security measures.

Rob McGregor is a regular library visitor and he does not like the changes. He says that racism and a certain attitude towards people with low incomes is very noticeable when checking. If the guard sees that the person looks something different than other visitors, he passes a more stringent procedure of checking.

The majority of people who were present at the meeting expressed their negative opinion regarding innovations. Now they do not feel as comfortable and calm in the library as before.

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Millennium Library new security measures meeting with library staff
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