Winnipeg craft brewery created green beer for St. Patrick's Day

Winnipeg craft brewery created green beer for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17 around the world.

In this regard, Winnipeg craft brewery has prepared special green beer for the residents of the city. On any other day, the green colour of beer is a sign of its unsuitability. However, on St. Patrick's Day everything is different.

Winnipeg craft brewery explained that as a rule a few drops of green food colouring add a special colour to the drink. A bottle with such food colouring is hidden under the bar. Thus the beer is not green initially.

This year the brewery decided to surprise all the inhabitants of the city and it brewed green beer from pour to finish. Paul Clerkin, the brewery's vice-president of marketing, said that this idea came to his mind after the last St. Patrick's Day.

The brewery conducted many experiments and created a recipe that allowed it to brew green beer which is very tasty. So, a very good product to be proud of appeared. Moreover, the beer turned out to be one of the most useful this year, because the brewery added wheatgrass and spinach to make it green.

Winnipeg craft brewery created about 200 litres of beer and invited everyone who wanted to try it to Pembina Avenue taproom and Fion MacCool's on Grant Avenue.

The new beer has received very good reviews. People said that it was really refreshing and even after a lot of glasses, they felt pretty good and sober.  

Clerkin added that despite the obvious benefits the brewery did not recommend people to abuse the drink, because alcohol is alcohol and it can be harmful to health.

At the moment, the brewery does not plan to launch natural green beer in mass production. However, a year later, on the next day of St. Patrick's Day, city residents will be able to try it again.

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Winnipeg craft brewery green beer St. Patrick's Day
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