Winnipeg firefighter will climb Everest to raise money

Winnipeg firefighter will climb Everest to raise money

Chad Swayze, a firefighter from Winnipeg, will have a very exciting but dangerous adventure - he plans to climb Everest.

However, the goal of the man is not just to conquer the mountain, but also to raise money for the Never Alone Foundation. He is a member of the foundation, and he is proud to be able to help people with cancer.

Swayze said that he spent about $60,000 to prepare for the trip. He went through long training and was almost ready to start his adventure last summer, but he decided to wait. The harsh, cold winter in Winnipeg became a bit of a bonus in his preparation for the icy winds of the Himalayas.  

He also said that he was accustomed to taking risks because of his profession. So, the man is not afraid of the obstacles that he might face during his ascent to the summit of Everest. The firefighter has a good physical form, and he is confident in his abilities.

However, he is aware that Everest can present particular difficulties in the form of altitude sickness, lack of air and lack of atmospheric pressure.

Swayze started climbing when he was 15. The man has already done Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua in Argentina. Therefore, he is sure that he will succeed in completing his new challenge. Everest climbing will become the most significant achievement in the life of the firefighter.

If you want to know more about Chad Swayze’s adventure, you can visit the Never Alone Foundation official site.

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