Air Canada suspended financial forecasts due to Boeing 737 MAX

Air Canada suspended financial forecasts due to Boeing 737 MAX

The recent plane accident that involved Boeing 737 MAX planes brought up many questions about the safety and reliability of such vessels. On Friday, March 15th Air Canada announced that it was suspending the publication of its financial forecasts for 2019 as a result of the cessation of all flights of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, thus becoming the first airline in the world to link the disaster in Ethiopia and financial flows.

Airlines bought 737 MAX for greater flight range and fuel efficiency, and some carriers business plans failed because of a ban on their operation, which USA lawmakers said could last at least a week.

Countries around the world, including the United States and Canada, banned Boeing’s fast-selling 737 MAX this week after a fatal Ethiopian Airlines plane crash on Sunday, the second deadly disaster for the aircraft in five months.

The causes of the Sunday accident are still unknown, but experts had already found some similarities of a few recent crashes involving Boeing 737.

Air Canada is the country's largest airline and the company is updating its fleet with MAX aircraft to replace the existing Airbus A320. It was expected that by the end of 2019 the number of new Boeings would increase from 24 to 36.

Air Canada, based in Montreal, said it had seventy-five flights of 737 MAX daily from a total of approximately 1,600 flights throughout the system.

Air Canada would face the costs of re-booking passengers after the planes were grounded, and other costs from not having scheduled access to the more efficient MAX said AltaCorp analyst Chris Murray.

Fellow Winnipeggers, if you have a flight scheduled in the near future, that involved Air Canada Boeing 737 MAX plane, please contact the airline for a flight reschedule information. Check your email box, you might get the letter or a call from a company representative about such changes. Also, many travelers decided themselves to cancel their flights or change to a different carrier just as a safety measure.

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