Crash at Goulet Street and Tache Avenue

Crash at Goulet Street and Tache Avenue

On Monday a scary accident happened at the intersection of Goulet Street and Tache Avenue.

As per witnesses on the scene, one vehicle collided with another at the intersection and the second vehicle crashed into a corner building. As of now, there is no information about injured among those involved in a crash, as well as no statement from police about the reasons for the accident.

Unfortunately, many accidents still happen in Winnipeg every, despite the weather change and the roads are not slippery and are not covered in snow, as it was during winter.

Fellow Winnipeggers please don’t text and drive, follow the speed limits, the limits there for a good reason, keep our roads safe and easy to drive. Every driver should pay attention to the traffic lights and the situation on the road.

Let’s all be responsible drivers and care for each other, so at the end of the day, we can all come back home to our loved ones.

Crash at Goulet Street and Tache Avenue, photo-1 Crash at Goulet Street and Tache Avenue, photo-2
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car crash accident Goulet Street Tache Avenue
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