New Liquor Mart security tactics could have negative effect

New Liquor Mart security tactics could have negative effect

Brazen, daylight thefts have been an ongoing problem at stores around Manitoba, leaving paying customers to wonder what is being done about it. Despite having security guards in Liquor Marts, alcohol theft is still happening.

Liquor Mart thefts have been an ongoing and increasing problem around Winnipeg.

Winnipeg police said that security staff of these stores is not doing their job, not doing enough to prevent thefts like this from happening in their stores, but also often employees do not even try to intervene or confront thieves when such crimes occur.

According to a marketing consultant, incoming changes to security tactics at Manitoba Liquor Marts will likely be seen as positive by customers, but will also be cause for anger.

Retail and marketing expert Fang Wan from the University of Manitoba says these measures will have a negative effect on the shopping experience. University of North Dakota marketing instructor Robert Warren said even though the Liquor Marts have a near monopoly on the market, the changes could mean people don’t browse as much.

Andrea Kowal spokesperson for Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries said that police should be doing more to protect the stores from these robberies and also focus on investigation and arrests instead of blaming the store employees and guards in not doing their job when people are just scared for their lives. As of now many of the thieves were identified, but only a few of them were actually arrested.

For most of the recent incidents the investigation still continues, the Major Crimes Unit is working at the scene with evidence and witnesses.

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