Wheelchair bus got stuck with seniors on board

Wheelchair bus got stuck with seniors on board

A wheelchair accessible Vital Transit bus got stuck with seniors on board.

Belle McCann, 93, was on board the bus and she was going to visit his daughter. When the bus was driving on Riverwood Avenue, a terrible incident occurred. It happened just a few minutes before the woman was to get off the bus.

Passengers did not have time to understand what happened, as the driver made a sharp stop and then the front part of the bus fell into a sinkhole. 

Belle McCann and other passengers managed to leave the bus safe and sound. However, they were scared a lot because everything could have ended much worse. The bus could easily roll over and people could get hurt.

On Thursday afternoon, the bus was finally pulled out of the sinkhole and driven away. After a while, the hole was filled with gravel.

As it became known, the city carried out repairs in that place in December. The hole was covered with gravel, but it could have sunk due to the spring thaw. The city reported that currently a temporary solution had been taken. When it gets warm, a permanent concrete solution will be there.

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Vital Transit bus Riverwood Avenue incident
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