The premiere of Finding Wolastoq Voice took place in Winnipeg

The premiere of Finding Wolastoq Voice took place in Winnipeg

Last weekend Winnipeg residents were able to see the premiere of Finding Wolastoq Voice.

For many people, the play might have seemed intense and difficult, but it definitely attracted attention with its beauty.

Finding Wolastoq Voice is a play created by Theater New Brunswick. It arrived in Winnipeg as part of the experimental Leap Theater Exchange Prairie series. Aria Evans, an Indigenous dancer and choreographer from Toronto, showed incredible choreography to music by Sappier and voiceover narration.

The production tells a story about a young Wolastoqiyik woman who is separated from her culture. She fights for her place in the world. She does not speak her traditional language and she does not know her traditional songs, but she feels how close she is to her culture, that it is inside her.

Finding Wolastoq Voice shows the story not about the life of the Indigenous and non-Indigenous population within the same country. It rather talks about how Indigenous people accept their own past, their heritage, their land and themselves.

Currently, only about 100 people living in Canada speak Wolastoqey. Theater New Brunswick decided to attract attention to this beautiful but dying language.

Finding Wolastoq Voice will be shown in Prairie Theatre Exchange until March 31. Do not miss your chance to see this fantastic production.

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