Winnipeg man decided to take driving lessons at 67

Winnipeg man decided to take driving lessons at 67

Bob Lee is 67 and he has been driving a car for more than 50 years.

However, some time ago he started to wonder whether it is still safe for him to be operating a vehicle. Bob admitted that he became inattentive sometimes. He understood that he began to consider himself a too confident driver, which could lead to accidents. So, the man decided to take driving lessons.

Bob knows that his reaction is not as fast as in his youth and his attention began to dissipate. He wants to be sure that he will be able to react in time to any situation and will not put himself and other people at risk.

As Manitoba Public Insurance stated, about twenty percent of the 428 people seriously injured in road accidents in 2017 were above 65 years old. Not wanting to be part of this statistic, Bob decides to change his life.

He does not know what difficulties he will have to face, because 52 years behind the wheel formed certain habits. But he is ready to try and to re-learn.

Larry Redmond, the director of Road Safety at Safety Services Manitoba, agrees that aging drivers can face certain problems. This happens as the situation on the roads has changed in general. There is an update of the rules of the road, for example, regarding circular traffic. Therefore, he would recommend taking a refresher course after 20-30 years of driving.

Redmond added that Bob Lee should become an example for other aging drivers. It is never too late to improve safety on the roads and to become more confident. When a person is 70, he cannot have the same reaction and awareness in all innovations. Master classes for aging drivers can help refresh their knowledge and driving skills.

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