Right turns at red lights at St. Boniface intersection can be banned

Right turns at red lights at St. Boniface intersection can be banned

BIZ wants to make St. Boniface intersection safer.

In this regard, a St. Boniface organization calls for a ban on right turns at red lights at the intersection.

Matt Allard, city councillor for St. Boniface and Norwood Grove BIZ member, considers this intersection the most dangerous in the city. The risk of collisions between cars and pedestrians is several times higher than in other sites in Winnipeg.

The ban will affect right turns at red lights on Marion Street eastward, and the turn on Tache Avenue to the north.

Debbie Wegier has been living in St. Boniface for many years. She fully supports the idea of innovation, because she often walks on the street and sees things happening at this intersection. As the woman says, drivers do not pay attention to people and do not always have time to stop.

However, some residents of St. Boniface are against the ban. For example, Cassandra Cardy. The woman has been living there for about three years. She also spends a lot of time on the roads and says that she has never been in a situation that threatens her safety.

Cassandra also added that St. Boniface intersection does not differ from other intersections in the city and she does not see the need to cancel right turns.

Matt Allard believes that St. Boniface is the most populous area in the city. Therefore, certain changes to the rules of the road are necessary. He stated that the proposal will be brought forward on April 2.

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St. Boniface intersection ban on right turns BIZ
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