Wild turkeys are wandering around Winnipeg

Wild turkeys are wandering around Winnipeg

If you noticed a turkey in the streets of the city, you are not alone.

Wild turkeys are wandering around Winnipeg in search of food and ... love.

Flocks of wild turkeys were seen in many parts of the city, including yards in River Heights, roadways in south St. Norbert and even a Starbucks parking lot.

Simone Brandson from the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre explains that at this time of the year wild birds appear in big cities quite often. Spring has come and they come out of the woods to find food. However, this is not the main goal. First of all, turkeys have a desire to produce offspring. In open urban areas, it is much easier than in a dark forest.

The Assiniboine Park Zoo said that 10-20 lbs turkeys that were noticed in Winnipeg are absolutely wild. In this regard, residents of the city should be careful. Wild turkeys will not purposefully attack humans, but they have very sharp claws and a pretty strong blow.  

If the birds feel dangerous for themselves or, what is expected more, for their female, they can go on the offensive and injure a human.  So if you see a turkey with a puffed body, you should know that this is the moment when the bird wants to attract a female and you should not stand in his way.

Barrett Miller from Fort Whyte Alive explained that the city keeps scavengers like coyotes away from Winnipeg. That’s why this year people see so many wild turkeys. Like coyotes or raccoons, these birds can eat everything.

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