Winnipeg company wants to fight against drug-resistant bacteria

Winnipeg company wants to fight against drug-resistant bacteria

Winnipeg company hopes that it is able to save future lives.

Now, modern infections mutate and quickly develop resistance to existing medications. So, doctors are trying to find a solution and turn to treatments of the past century.

Steven Theriault, CEO of local Cytophage Technologies, explained that his company is using bacteriophage therapy to fight back against anti-microbial resistance.

Theriault said that people consume antibiotics with food and then they use them to treat various diseases. It is not surprising that the body ceases to perceive antibiotics as a medicine. Accordingly, some types of them lose their effectiveness in treatment, which creates a risk for health.

As the doctor stated, bacteria phages can become the way out of the situation.  Phages were actively used 100 years ago and their effectiveness was very high. However, with the advent of antibiotics, their use almost ended. They were easier to manufacture, so they became very popular.

Theriault is sure that it is time to look back into the past and to use bacteria phages for treatment again. Due to the fact that one bacteria phage can kill only one bacteria, the doctor plans to collect as many of them as possible and then to do big research.

Currently, the company conducts tests in animals. Cytophage Technologies hopes that it can treat people very soon.  Steven Theriault believes in research success and that he can save thousands of lives in the future.  

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