Winnipeg mom wants to know vaccination rates in the city daycares

Winnipeg mom wants to know vaccination rates in the city daycares

Now, Brittany Livingstone is at home and she is taking care of her baby. However, not for long.

In summer, the woman is going to return to her work. So, she is looking for a safe daycare for her eight-month-old Savannah.

Livingston said she wants Savannah to attend a daycare, where the vast majority of other kids were vaccinated. She believes that all parents should have the right to be informed about the degree of immunization in the daycare before their kids get there.

To make this possible, all parents should show vaccination records to childcare centres. This is the only way to protect kids when communicating with other children, as Brittany said.

Dr. Stan Lipnowski, a Winnipeg pediatrician, says vaccination rates are lower than 95%. Only when reaching this rate, parents cannot worry about the health of their children. The doctor supported the idea of disclosing vaccination rates in Winnipeg daycares.

Some of the childcare centres in Manitoba have already begun requesting vaccination records. However, this is voluntary and parents can refuse.

Cathy Gardiner, the executive director of the Learning and Growing Daycare in Charleswood, said that the centre is going to start asking parents to provide vaccination records in the nearest future. This is necessary to understand how to react if there's an outbreak.

However, Gardiner doesn't see any value in releasing the records to calculate an immunization rate for public use as it could become dicey when it comes to privacy issues and the law - childcare centres should keep information related to the child and his/her family confidential.

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