A man was seen playing a piano in Winnipeg mall

A man was seen playing a piano in Winnipeg mall

Xavier Kennedy is twenty and he had not the best life.

He has been bumped around through foster families and government care. He was living on reserves and in urban communities. Finally, he found something that makes him happy – a piano.

Now, Xavier wants to make his life a little better and dreams of a musical career.

The young man said that he saw a piano for the first time inside the home of one of his foster parents when he was about nine years old. As soon as he had seen the piano he wanted to play it. However, he soon moved to another house, and afterwards changed several more houses. He did not have a piano, but he never stopped thinking about playing it.

Everything changed about a year ago when Xavier saw an old piano in one of the malls in Winnipeg. He began to play from time to time. One day in early February, a journalist saw his playing and made a video about the guy. The video was posted on Instagram and it immediately became viral.

Musician Tara Williamson saw the video and was impressed by Xavier’s talent especially when she found out that he was self-taught. Williamson got in touch with Kennedy. The man explained that for him the old piano from Winnipeg mall is the only opportunity to play.

The guy also said that now he is thinking about his past less. He writes music and hopes to make a musical career.

Williamson decided to talk to city authorities and several businessmen to see how they can help Kennedy.

The musician wrote on the GoFundMe page that she is moved by his playing and story because she knows that her career as a professional musician is a direct result of the support of her family and community. Xavier Kennedy has nobody to support him. So, she wants to help the man and to make his dreams come true.

Xavier also said that he will continue to play in the mall and hope that his life will change someday.

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Xavier Kennedy Musician Tara Williamson
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