Winnipeg human rights hearing will decide whether gender-neutral birth certificates should appear

Winnipeg human rights hearing will decide whether gender-neutral birth certificates should appear

Gender-neutral birth certificates can be allowed in Manitoba.

Human rights hearing began on Monday and it is scheduled for four days in Winnipeg. After it, it will be decided whether gender-neutral birth certificates should be allowed in Manitoba.

A person wearing a beautiful suit was at the hearing. T.A. is the person who does not identify as either male or female and uses the 'they' and 'them' pronouns. Despite the fact that they were wearing a male suit, they explained that they can come in a dress for the next hearing. And that's quite normal.

However, it is very uncomfortable for them to live and work in a society divided into two sexes.

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission began to investigate a complaint from T.A. in 2015. Only now, it went to court. Susan Ursel represents the interests of T.A. in court. She explained that the sex of a person listed on a birth certificate can be compared to someone's race listed there.

In her opinion, if the province does not refuse to indicate gender, then a place for an X or the word 'unspecified' should appear under the sex category.  

T.A. noted that they have mental health problems and misidentification is just one of many troubles they face during their daily life as a pangender person. For example, access to a public bathroom can be very problematic.

Susan Ursel asked the court to pay $75,000 to T.A. as compensation for alleged violation of human rights.

During the hearing, it was decided not to disclose the name of T.A. However, a government attorney violated that decision and was forced to apologize.

Some Canadian provinces already have non-binary birth certificates, which allow people to change their sex and to have an X instead of male or female. Manitoba can become the next one. 

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